2 new formal poems up on MEZZO CAMMIN!

A pantoum and a haibun. Read them here!


  1. Aida-- stunning!

    I enjoyed the depth and taste of Prayer also, though I wondered over the question in the middle-- "how many thousands of years," as it seemed, hm, disingenuous? Or maybe just a little tired, for the narrator surely knows, can look up, has an understanding of how many years; and it seems doubtful they would be thinking that, then and there. Maybe the first moment they arrived, but even then, why ask in the poem, as has been done so many times before?

    Hope my feedback isn't annoying, I can't turn off my edit button when I read good work. Congratulations on having two excellent poems put "out there" for all to feel and see.

  2. Thank you for your feedback! It is very welcome! I am thinking about your questioning the question in the middle of Prayer... I was considering the quality of the dust in the lanes in that quarter of Alexandria. It is conceivable that Cleopatra may have walked in the same dust -- and that took my mind whirling back thousands of years. I have never stood in the streets of such a mythic city. That's where the question originated. Could the poem do without that line/question? Certainly! I thank you for the close read and great comments.... All the best to you!