Poems in Persian

Thanks to Soodabeh Saeidnia, I now see what ten of my short poems look like in Farsi! Here they are (with azalea bookmarks). The beautiful bi-lingual volume, Where Are You From?, features work from 61 poets around the world, with each poet's section embellished with an image by a professional or amateur photog.

Can beauty save us?

Bill Lantry and Kate Fitzpatrick at Peacock Journal believe perhaps it can... Each poem/story they publish is accompanied by a statement on beauty by the poet/author, as well as a photo or piece of artwork. Click the image below to read my poem, "Sleeping with Hafiz". And while you are there, dig around -- there's lots of beauty to behold.

 Sleeping with Hafiz


It has been a steep climb. Thanks to Fomite for bringing this chapbook to fruition!

"The lyrical poems in Dispatches from Everest attempt to probe the thoughts and experiences of George Leigh Mallory on his third and final expedition to Everest. They are meditations on what may have passed through the senses of the great mountaineer, particularly after the fall, as the storm clouds closed in and his family and the living world seemed farther away than ever." 

If you would like to order a copy, click here. 
Also available on Amazon.

New Chapbook!

I am thrilled to announce that my chapbook, Boundaries, is included in Blue Lyra Press Delphi Series, Vol. 4!

Blue Lyra Press does it a little differently with the Delphi Series: each volume contains THREE chapbooks, THREE poets. The idea is that each of the poets will gain an audience they would not have otherwise had. I am proud to be sandwiched in Volume 4 between the brilliant poetry of Ting Gou and Erin Redfern.

Now available on Amazon.

An Interview in GEOSI READS

Woke this morning to find that the prolific Geosi Gyasi has published the interview I did with him this morning on his blog, GEOSI READS. Check it out here -- and while you are there, just look at the list of writers (from all over the globe!) whom he has interviewed. A treasure trove indeed. I am honored to be among them. Thank you, Geosi, and to Rewa Zeinati for hooking us up!

A Best of the Net nom?

So honored and excited to have my poem "Terminal" nominated for Best of the Net by One! Thanks, Richard, for all you do!


Two fingers of a poem...

Cicada appears in Shot Glass, an online journal of short poems!