Two fingers of a poem...

Cicada appears in Shot Glass, an online journal of short poems!

The Nazim Hikmet Poetry Competition is one of the best-run contests I have ever entered. And they are dealing with submissions from 25 countries and 43 US states! Pictured above: my three contributor's copies of the published chapbook. Not pictured: my $100 check (each of ten winners receives $100) and, best of all, a letter welcoming me to the "Nazim Hikmet family".

This NEVER Happens!

A graphic designer getting a shout-out for her artwork for a play?'s Sherry Shameer Cohen is a theatre reviewer who notices and appreciates every effort that goes into the production of a play -- in this instance, Steve Martin's Picasso at the Lapin Agile at Long Wharf Theatre. Posting this interview here may seem like bragging, but I like to think I am posting this for all the graphic designers who toil (and boy, do we toil!) in obscurity. Cheers!!!

Excited to have two Egypt poems in Sukoon!

A little bit about Sukoon, from the website: Sukoon is an Arab-themed, English language, online literary magazine reflecting the diversity and richness of the Arab world.
Sukoon is an Arabic word meaning “stillness.” What we mean is the stillness discovered within, as the artist continues to follow his/her creative calling—a calling that compels the artist to continue on his/her creative path for the sole reason that he/she does not know how not to.
Sukoon is also a phonetic symbol used in the Arabic script.

There's no snow in this poem...

but something about its mood reminds me of today's, as we are in the midst of a quiet snowfall...


I walk in the mornings before the sun
emerges from its orange cave.
And in its absence pretend I own
this quiet street, these sleeping houses.
I claim it all –
until neighbors lift shades, switch
on lights, gather newspapers from porches.
While I can, I walk
this black and white world,
naming as I go: sidewalk, street light,
and when almost home, dawn.

Published in YANKEE Magazine, 2001

Need a break from winter?

Anders Dahlgren has moved Mediterranean Poetry to a new server [ -- how appropriate!]. Catch the scent of wild mint here...